Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beginner's Review Pt 9: Mesa Single Rectifier

The Single Rec Beast ...

I dont' know what the salesperson did when he switched on something behind the amp head .. but what ever he did .. he unleashed the gain 'Beast' from this Mesa Single Rectifier. I am not sure whether it is still in production, cant get any info from the mesa website. Zakk (my guitar buddy) and myself tested this amp with several guitars namely, Jem 7V, Jem Premium, RG Prestige with EMGs (which I am dissapointed with the tone coming from this guitar, dunno what model) and Fender 70's MIM. Zakk also tested this amp with an Ibanez falchion,  my initial thought was Zakk doing an injustice to this Single Rec. Affordable guitar and expensive amp don't get along well. But I was way wrong, the Ibanez Falchion goes along very well with this amp, it sounded nice. We tested with a 2x12 Mesa cab.

Conclusion, this is a very good amp, able to go along with wide range of guitars, good for metal i.e various forms of metal (maybe).Definately not a bedroom amp.