Monday, May 7, 2012

My favourite band is ..

Metallica ...

I bought thier first CD in 1993, 'Metallica' aka the black album .. bought it just because its a gold cd .. something that is rare and very different at that time .. Still have the cd and at the moment its in my car cd player .. I just love the black album tone ...

Only started seriously listening to them in 1994, again i was influenced by the same group of people (read earlier post) ... then started collecting Metallica's previous albums. Black album is still my favourite album, and I also like the Ride the Lightning ..

I was a little bit upset with Load and Re-Load .. though there some nice songs in these two albums but they aint Metallica enough in my opinion .. the worst album was after the re-load .. cant even remember what was the title ..

Death Magnetic somehow managed to regain back Metallica's pride and .. honour ..

 Hopefully one day I can watch their concert .. live concert that is ...

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