Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beginner's Review Pt6: Gibson SG Standard

Gibson SG Standard (Ebony), pic taken from sandman guitar

First time I was holding this guitar, I felt a bit awkward, thick neck, huge fretboard, thin body, very light .. I felt that I can broke this guitar into two ... but after a few seconds .. with just playing power chords .. that awkward feeling became .. nice .. very nice .. everything is nice about this guitar ... almost perfect ... the neck pickup tone was creamy .. eventhough I have heard a creamier tone from anither guitar .. but the SG was creamy enough for me .. really worth to be in my wish list .. If i own one ... I might put a P90 on the neck .. I think it would sound nicer .. I think ..

I tested with a Marshall MG amp ... good enough for me ... I mean if the SG can produce good tone  thru the Marshall MG .. this SG must be very good right? ;) ..

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