Monday, May 14, 2012

Beginner's review Pt4: Gibson Les Paul Standard

Gibson Les Paul Standard (Pic taken from dv247 website

The last few days before I left Derby in 1996, I have the guts to test a gibson les paul standard. The LP look something like the above picture, a cherry sunburst LP standard. Together with a friend, we went to the music shop and told the salesman that I would like to try the LP. The salesman said no problem. He took the LP and direct us to to a room, then plug the LP with a huge Marshall Combo .. way huge that my 10watt. I think its a 100w Marshall.

Test the clean tone, then I pushed the gain button. Strum E power chord .. then .. literally speaking .. my jaw dropped.

If George Bush Jr made the 'shock and awe' campaign against Iraq in 2003, I had my own experience of''Shock and Awe' moment way back in a sunny afternoon in September, 1996 in a music shop's small guitar test room located at a small and sleepy town called Derby.


  1. Drool for the beautiful guitar ever built+flame maple top (open for debate).

  2. I have to agree with you. Gibson Lp is no more in my list, it is just too expensive even for a second hand. I would settle for a greco or orville with similar finish like the above, but then a LP is not in my priority list at the moment.