Sunday, May 27, 2012

A visit to Otoko/DoReMi

I was busy for the last two weeks and sort of stressed with work too, so on Saturday i decided to go to Otoko, just to test few guitars. The last time I went to Otoko was in February, I enjoyed it, by far this is the best guitar shop that I have ever been to, maybe because there are a lot of guitars that i like, i.e. ibanez, gibson, fender, orvilles etc .. and I dont feel afraid or shy to ask them ... perhaps because the owner i.e - the father (uncle) and son (lawrence) are very friendly.

So yesterday,  i tested a couple of Greco LP customs, 1 greco Lp standard, 1 rickenbacker and 1 gibson SG standard ... i was gassing on greco the nite before, and felt lucky to test a few of them. But the best guitar that i tested yesterday was the SG, my next post will be about it.

Like my first visit to otoko, yesterday I left with a big smile, felt very satisfied, not sure why ... as if I bought a guitar that i like so much .. but the fact is I did not buy any guitars, only bought a patch cable. I'm sure to pay otoko another visit before ramadhan, hopefully with Zakk and Jules.

for more info clik here -> otoko


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    1. Terlupa bawak kamera la bro .. hahaha next time k, bila ko dtg sini aku bawak ko p sana ...