Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beginner's review pt5: Ampeg GVT15H

I tested this amp last week at the request of a friend. I used Tanglewood LP and FGN (Fujigen) LP. I should have tested with a strat but then I was rushing, maybe next time. I was surprised with the sound or tone that this amp produces, it generates the 'expensive' clean tone. Well, it is an expensive amp. I can feel the natural tubed tone. The volume was set at only 10 o'clock, it was already very loud for me.

It is a 15w amp but can be stepped down to 7.5. I like the clean tone from this amp, I think for jazz and blues players this might be a suitable amp for them and its worth for them to check it out. For rock or metal, definately need a distortion pedal  via the fx loop. Might also test the fx loop next time.  

This amp is available at Candor Music in Solaris Dutamas. Look for Steven.

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