Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beginner's review Pt2: ESP KH2

KH2 has been in my guitar wish list since 1996. The first time I had the chance to test it was in 2010, it was also the first time I hold an ESP guitar, belongs to a friend, not too light, the neck was also not too slim, a bit thicker that my x jackson. However, the KH2 that i tested has been seriously modified, the fretboard has been changed to ebony (no more skull and bone, just dot inlay), pickups were changed to seymour duncan, a bolt on model.

Tonewise, cant remember ... tested it in 2010 .. well not much of a review ..

In february 2012, I saw a guitarist named Trabye who made a showcase in Ultimate Music Hartamas, he used a KH2, and it sounds very nice (not sure whether 'nice' is the right term to use). I thought that KH2 is not a versatile guitar due to the EMG pickups, but after listening to Trabye, I have changed my perception .. but then of course Trabye's KH2 went to his rig, obviously Trabye's fingers and style of playing may also have effect the tone .. the nice tone.

Still the number 1 guitar in my wish list.

The ESP KH2 - Bolt on - picture taken from esp US website

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