Friday, May 11, 2012

My amplification dilemma ..

It has been said that once you heard or test a tube amp ... well, there is no turning back ... you want a tube amp. The first time I heard a tube amp was the Mesa Boogie Mark V combo, clean and hi-gain mode, from that moment onwards, I knew what I want (not the mark V of course, way too pricey and definately not for a bedroom). Tube amps doesn't come cheap, especially if you have your desired specs. 

my spec for a tube amp would be:-

1) head n cab
2) fx loop
3) line out for recording
4) could deliver NWOBHM tone 
5) could also deliver acceptable clean tone
6) affordable 
8) has an attenuator

There are few amps around that fit my spec such as the Blackstar HT5, HK Tubemeister 18, Gigmaster 15 but then there are not affordable. Recently I came across AMT SS20 pre-amp, very small, slightly bigger than a normal pedal, but then again, not affordable, I think its more expensive than a Blackstar HT5 head, furthermore its not available in Malaysia, and obviously it needs a power amp and a cab. Although it has a line out function, but then it needs to go thru an audio interface, I wonder if it can go thru my G2NU then to mac. But still SS20 its not cheap.

There are tube amps that cost less than 1k RM i.e. vox's amp .. but then it doesn't fit to my specs.

My dilemma continues ...

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