Monday, May 7, 2012

My third electric guitar ..

Gibson Explorer 76 re-issue (2008). It has been in my guitar wish list since 1996.

Bought it from US ebay in 2010, comes with the original hard shell case (OHSC), shipped thru fedex (excellent service, but very pricey). Modified by the previous owner - pickups EMG 81/85, knobs and pots - volume, tone and a 'gain or overdrive', jack plate and truss rod.

Have tested it with a Marshall half stack (dunno what model), Blackstar HT5 full stack, ENGL Invader, Line 6 Spider III and Vox VT40+.

I want to test it with a mesa boogie Dual Rec/Mark 5 and Marshall JCM 800.

Clean tone thru my zoom g2nu is nice, both the 81 and 85. The 85 could deliver a creamy tone with or without adjusting the tone knob.

Definately not a beginner's due to its body shape, my right had were tired when playing it the first time. The main reason why I like the most about this guitar is because of James Hetfield.  Yes, i know he uses a 84 Gibson explorer, well this is the closest that I can get. The ESP explorer that James used is way too expensive. I also believe that EMGs goes well with a gibson explorer.

I almost sell it last year, at that time I wanted to buy a house but after discussing the matter with my wife, she said don't sell it since the explorer means a lot to me. I love this guitar and I love my wife too.

My Gibson Explorer aka Rose. Pic taken by Tomato Man

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