Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reality Check ...

I had the VT40 since Monday and only had the chance to use it on wednseday nite, tuesday was a holiday and I thought i have some time with the amp .. but no .. was bz looking after my baby boy.

Then it strikes me, if i have my dream amp which i may spent a lot of money to own it do i have the time for it .. I mean imagine if i have a RM 4k amp and only use it less than 3 hours per week, is it worth the money?



  1. and with that rm4k amp, can u crank it as loud as possible to achieve "gain-orgasm"? :)

    unless u have ur own studio or dedicated sound-proof room...

  2. very tru indeed .. somehow I feel that amps regardless of tube or solid state . sounds a lot nicer when cranked up ..