Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My No 1 Guitar Hero ..

Mr. James Hetfield of Metallica

Founder, frontman, songs and lyrics writer

Why? I like his riffs, style of playing, his tone,his solo's especially the second solo in Nothing Else Matters. Cool explorers- the Gibson's 84 and 76, ESPs and Ken Lawrence.

Jaymz Hetfiled with his ESP Explorer - picture taken from Modern Rock Living Website


  1. I still remember my 'James Hetfield period (OK, wannabe..)' after I found S&M.

    No doubt that James is one of the most respected guy in metal community.

    Just a bit mellow nowadays isn't he?

  2. After he went for the rehab I think part of character left him. The negative ones .. I think.

  3. more beer, no more cursing freely( he only use it occasionally). i think he is a better man nowdays. i admire hetfield more than mustaine.hahah

    1. mustaine tu musuh ketat aku no 1 .. hahahaa