Friday, June 1, 2012

Beginner's Review Pt10: ESP M-II

Pic taken from a website that I can't remember

After a brief moment with the Ibanez Jem 7v, I was searching for another guitar that has the same smooth neck. Well, I found the guitar and it was the ESP M-II. Tested it with a Kustom and Rocktron amp, can't remember the model for both amps. The bridge tone with gain was good, as expected from EMG 81. The neck tone with clean and gain were a bit thin, maybe  it would sound nicer with an EMG 85/60 or perhaps a seymour duncan 59 ..

There are few things that I wish was there and not there.

1) A tone knob - I was informed that this guitar was designed for metal guitarist, the general idea was that metal guitarist would always put the tone to the max, hence there is no need for a tone knob. Ok .. I understood .. but then ... come on .. this is a RM8k  guitar .. can't ESP just put a tone knob .. it is just a standard model .. not a signature .. they can do it with eclipse and horizon .. why not this one .. the prices for all three models are the same ...

2)  The toggle switch - somehow it does not look nice with a strat body .. in my opinion

Nevertheless, the ESP M-II is a good guitar.

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