Saturday, June 16, 2012

What's on my mind ... pt7 ...

Gibson Les Paul Jr ... the cheapest of all the gibbys ....
Only 1 p90
thanks to Wan Stoner who reminded me about Bill Steer ..
Is his lp jr the same as the current production?
Now .. where can I test a LP Jr ..


  1. mine is eppy. berat sungguh guitar ni. but tone wise nyaring mengaum.

  2. Bro Ijau - penah dgr tapi tak penah nampak plak ... orville penah la .. tapi orville by gibson tak penah nampak lagi .. ada beza .. orville is 100% MIJ while orville by Gibson ..some parts are form gibson and the rest MIJ .. not sure about maestro tho ...

    Jenkemut - aku masih tak reti nak buat gitar mengaum bro .. hahaha

  3. btw .. aku tersilap la LP jr bukan la yg paling murah .. yg paling murah aku rasa gibson melody maker ..

  4. saya ada INDIANA GUITARS LP JR... guna P90... dah diskontinued.. last 4 units masuk MALAYSIA n i managed to get hold of 1 unit.... memang growl that INDIANA.... warna BLONDE ... cunzzz... from POST PUNK sampai ke JAZZ dia bule bawak...

    Alder Solid Body
    Nickel Frets
    Sealed Die-Cast Keys
    Adjustable Trussrod
    22 Fret Neck
    Spitfire P-90
    Adjustable Wraparound Bridge
    1 Volume 1 Tone