Friday, June 15, 2012

Bentley Mid Year Sale

I went to Bentley yesterday to have a look on their best offers. I think the best deal was the Charvel San Dimas MIA, 40% off, so it should be around 3200RM, I think, the next best deal was the So Cal MIJ after 40% discount it should be less than 2k, if 'm not mistaken.

the MIA San Dimas look something like the above but with black floyd rose

another good deal at Bentley the MIJ So Cal
thank god the above guitars are not in my list ...

Another 'Good Deal' is the Ibanez Jem Evo relic .... RM 29,999.90 ...

Evo ...
I was told that it was inspected (QC) and signed by Mr. Vai himself, only 100 made and this one is 1/100, 1 piece neck unlike the mass produced Jem 7v, comes with all the dings, scratches and dents, custom hardcase and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Maestro ... I wonder who will buy this Evo.


  1. klu xde pickguard bkn so-cal, tp san dimas

  2. few months ago swee lee pun buat clearance utk san dimas & so-cal (MIA/MIJ), xlama kemudian citymusic pula jd distributor charvel di s'pore

    adakah bentley pun buat clearance sbb nak bg laluan kpd ckmusic jd distributor charvel di m'sia?

    just my 2 cents la...

  3. nampak macam tak, tapi tak tahu la kan, yg pastinya banyak Charvel desolution kat Bentley semalam, mcm2 variasi, nampak cantik cuma leher tu dah kena cukur .. potong stim skit la .. and neck feel bagi aku tak sedap, rasa kasar