Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beginner's review pt17: Blackstar Ht1

the 1 watt 'Monstah' ... the best practice amp in the galaxy
I am sad because this amp is no longer with me. I bought it on behalf of Tarmimi (new guitar buddy) and he collected it last saturday. On the clean tone, not the best I have heard but more than enough for me. My neck pickup sounds nice like when I am using my zoom G2nu, though the second time I tested it, there was crunch but I have may played around with the EQ knobs.

On overdrive mode, I simply love the  fat and warm tone that this amp produced, regardless whether its the american or the british side (ISF). Its very simple to use, no low, mid, high EQ knob which most of the time I do not know how to use. The EQ/ISF knob made a beginner's life much easier. 

There are no FX loop and footswitch pedal, not a major setback since it was designed to be a practice amp. Though it was just 1 watt, but it was too loud for my wife, the volume was just at 10 o'clock. Overall, this HT1 is highly recommended to those who wants a good hi gain tube practice amp

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