Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In other developments ...

Please refer to the link to understand this blog post .. remove

After much thinking and deliberations. I have come to the conclusion on this matter.

Bye bye Jem.

Thank you to Jules, Ijau and MBA for your kind views.

Next two weeks will be hell for me. Big project implementation coming up. I have to stop thinking about Metallica now. Time to be back to present reality.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The best ever ...

Seeing them on stage was truly an unexpected event this year....

Kirk used many ESPs and Gibsons, his notes was crystal clear, awesome sound system

I got to see Jaymz using a Gibson Explorer 76, this was the final song for that nite, Seek and Destroy

Farewell ... hope to see you again
I really hope to see metallica again, I want to see them in Malaysia. I want to hear them say 'Malaysia', live. Jaymz spoke many times to the crowd that nite, but he was talking to the Singaporeans. I cant feel or link his words to me.

This was my first ever concert. I am truly glad that I had the chance to see my favourite band. Their music, showmanship and professionalism are totally awesome. Metallica rules !!

Monday, August 26, 2013

I miss them already ....

Awesome lighting

close .. but yet so far ..

I think this is the best picture I captured during the concert, all of them in one picture

Together ...

Master of Puppets
Together .. that is the word Jaymz said to the crowd just before the dual harmony solo of master of puppets, I dont know what he meant at that moment.... then the crowd started to sing to the solo .. I sang too ...

Hit the Lights !!

I went into Pen A around 8 something , by that time that area was almost full, about 90%. I managed to squeeze in but only managed to be at the sound engineer area or the 'two towers'. I tried many time to move in further but the people in front of me would not let me get thru. I want to be the rite in front of Jaymz, unfortunately it was not going to happen. Furthermore, I am in foreign land, I dont want to be in any problem with the crowd.

calm before the four horsemen came in ..
I think Metallica started around almost 9pm. When ecstasy was on, I was like .. now is the moment, I am at METALLICA CONCERT !! .. crowd started to sing to the tune of ecstasy of gold .. moments later .. the ferocious drum best .. heavy hi gain .. massive bass started to hit my body ... its HIT THE LIGHTS !! .. ITS METALLICA ON STAGE .. ITS METALLICA !!!!

far away ..

cant get a good pic, far and people around me are jumping

the whole stage was a huge big screen, HD mode .. awesome

Rob ...

Jaymz n Kirk ..
When they were playing Master .. I can see at the video screen, Kirk was sweating a lot .. sweats are dropping from his body .. at least i know, it was not only me that sweating ... hahaha

TJ goes to Metallica Concert !!

Met a few friends/FB frens while I was waiting outside the big Hall. Met Zakk and Ray at 8Pm. We then proceed to the hall to check out the officieal merchandise ...
Security tag ..
The merch area ..

T shirt 50-90sgd .. cap 30sgd (sold out .. duhh) long wrist band 20sgd

I wanted to buy the cap .. but sold out ... ended getting this .. would be useful to wipe my sweat while watching the concert .. or maybe can be used when I am playing the guitar at home .. wooohooo !!

Last few pics before entering Pen A

so . the journey to see Metallica begins ..

took a morning flight from KLIA .. 
I arrived around 10am at Changi, went here and there (this will be another blog post) before proceeding to Singapore Expo Centre for the shuttle bus to CEC

in the shuttle bus .. everyone is excited yet calm

entrance at the CEC this was around 7pm

nearly 8pm ... not many people .. most of them are already inside Pen A and B

Inside a huge hall .. before entering Pen A and B

Friday, August 23, 2013

Exit Malaysia, Enter Singapore

One of the few Metallica songs that I can play, perhaps a full song though just the rhythm part, and obviously not perfect is enter sandman. The last time Metallica played that song was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 22 Aug 2013. Unfortunately,  I was not there to witness it. Its my favourite metallica song and I hope to hear it in Singapore.

I do hope Metallica will come again to Kuala Lumpur, in the very near future.

Here I come ..
My preparation for tomorrow is only 60% done, yet to pack and I dont have a metallica tshirt or a black tshirt. Hope everthing goes well.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Cab Shootout - Marshall 1936, Mesa 2x12 and Mesa 1x12

Honestly I am not sure to call it a shootout, maybe it is ... maybe its not . What Zakk and I did many months ago were basically testing a few speaker cabinets with a Mesa single rec. The 1st cab was the Marshall1936 equipped with a pair of Celestion G12t75 speakers. The same speakers used by Malmsteen.
Rock Cool Cab
Elegant looking cab
The 2nd was a Mesa Roadster or Rectifier Cab, we were not too sure but it was loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 or also known as V30.

Bulky 1x12
The third speaker was a Mesa 1x12, also with V30.

Our views?

In gain mode, the 1936 produced a more narrow tone as compared to the wider tone by the Mesa 2x12. Another distinct character of the V30 was it is louder than the t75 eventho at the same volume level at the amp.   The 1x12 mesa cab was nice too, but 2x12 was better, it produced more .. headroom?

Which is better?

That depends on one's preferences. As for me, I prefer the Mesa with the V30s.

Happy Eid Mubarak 2013 .. and cables entry (updates)

Happy Eid Mubarak everyone !! Eid has been more than a week, it has been a busy Eid for me this year. I have travelled 1600 ++ KM for this eid. Therefore my apologies for the very late wish.

Now, for some cable news. I bought few cables for my upcoming .. rig ..

(Bullet Cable) - The white coily cable of death ..

 Bought this many months ago. The reason I bought it was because Gearmandude uses it... and I like white coily cable .. this coily cable of monstrous destruction will be use from guitar to rig
the connector looks like a bullet .. hence .. the brand name .. (I think)
Sommer Red

Sommer Black ..
Bought the Sommers during Ramadhan. It will be used for FX loop ..

Spark Plug Bullet Cable ...
This is a beaut .. ordered during ramadhan .. arrived during my Eid break .. this will be used from rig to amp

next will be patch cables ..

Updates --

bought a pair of EMG 81/81 too

for the restoration work of the black rose (kh2)