Monday, October 29, 2012

The Brandless LP Custom

It was Saturday morning, I didn't have any plans for that day, so I called up Wakc Slayank and asked him whether he wants to go to Otoko Music in Seremban. He said yes, and we met in the afternoon. I came earlier and saw the above LP Custom, so when Wakc came, I asked him to test it. The following was his review - 

* Body condition - 8.5/10
* Neck feel is like a Gibby
* Acoustically - it sounds bright but there are some mellow tone due to its chambered body
* Tone wise - sounds like 70's-80's with fender frontman 212r
* with JCM 900 - it sounds hollow and seasoned on clean channel
* on gain mode with JCM 900 - raw and jazzy rock
* nice for jazz, blues and rock

The specs - 

* Lawrence (shop owner) said that the guitar is around 30 years old. 
* Body might be Mahogany
* Bolt on
* Chambered body
*  Low output pickup
* Not sure whether its maple top
* Two piece body (top & bottom) 70's gibby style
* Open book headstock
* Full binding
* Cherry sunburst
* Block inlay (not sure on the material)

Price - if its expensive, I definitely didn't buy it ...

My take - very nice clean tone especially the neck pickup, I agree with Wakc that it sounds better with the frontman, I tested it with Zoom G2, only sounds nice in certain modes, especially non hi gain, on hi gain it's not punchy enough. Thisguitar is nice for jazz, blues and rock.

Though a LP Custom is not in wish list (Gibby LP Custom is so expensive even for a 2nd hand), owning one is a dream, the one with me now is the closest I can get ... its MIJ and cherry sunburst (my favourite colour for LP shape guitars).Will show it to Jules and see what he says about it. I'm still not sure to whether keep or sell it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The unplanned Purchase

Pictures first, the story will come later

The body ..
Witch Hat knobs
The Back

The Bridge

Machine heads and neck
Look Ma!! No Brand??!!
Nippon Go !!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

4x8 vs 1x12 vs 2x12 vs 4x12


4x12 with Celestion V30
I went to Ultimate Music on Tuesday to test the Blackstar HT5 with the 4x8 and 2x12 cabinets. Coincidentally, my good guitar buddy Wakc Slayank was there too, So, he help me out to test the cabs not two but four cabs, below is the simple verdict :-

4x8 - No
2x12 - No
1x12 - Not bad
4x12 - WOW !!!

Wakc explained to me, the awesomeness of the 4x12 was due to the Celestion V30 speakers. Now I'm in a a new dilemma, I may have found the amp that fit to my requirements (the HT5), but now I need to find the best cab to go with it, I wish I can buy the 4x12, but it is too expensive (RM 4290) and too huge for my bedroom. My search continues ....

Friday, October 19, 2012

Beginner's review pt 28: Tokai Semi Hollow

Love at first sight?
The Head
The body

The back
In May 2012, I tested this Tokai Semi Hollow. I dont know what model, the colour is either natural or lemon drop and its MIC. Tested with a mini beta aivin amp. Clean tone was nice, and surprisingly in distortion mode, it sounds nice too. I was told that this guitar can jazz, blues and rock. Price, less than 2k RM at Burgercismusic in Times Square. If its still around by mid 2013,  I may buy it.

Beginner's review pt 27: ESP Vintage Plus Rosewood

Its Rezoy again and this time messing around with the ESP Vintage Plus Reverse Headstock Rosewood. His comments on the guitar is almost the same as the previous post. Price, around RM 8k ++. My comment, nice headstock.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beginner's review pt 26: LTD Kamikaze GL200K

This is Rezoy from Guitar Collection demoing the GL200K. His comment was that this guitar is very suitable for beginners and intermediate level. Versatile guitar, Easy to play, good feel and playability. Price, I think is RM 2k ++. He tested the guitar with a Kustom KG100HFX. My  comment, the headstock is a little bit too big.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

it has arrived ..

I just love the smell of leather, it is soft and looks nice too, better than in the picture (ebay). Not as wide as I expected, but that is not an issue. Will install the straplock tonight. This is for the KH2.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Back to basic

The Complete Guitar Course .. but I'm yet to completely reading it
I bought this book last month in Kuching, Sarawak. I was looking for guitar shops but its quite far from my hotel and  I was there for less than 24 hours. Its a good book for beginners, cover several genre of music style, also few information about guitar heroes but too bad it did not explain on the music style of these heroes but only on their biographies.

What's on my mind pt9

Awarded as the no 1 amp for metal by a magazine, cant remember which one ...
2x12 .. enough for me ...

Daydream wont cost you anything ...

Some updates ...

My biggest project for this year ended last week, so I took leave on Monday and spent the whole day visiting guitar shops. First stop was Bentley with Zakk, managed to test a RM4k Taylor, a Fender Tele Special, Fender Strat 57, few Ibanez semi hollow, all these were done without an amp. We came too early, not many Bentley staff to assist us. 

A visit to Bentley is incomplete if you dont go to the VIP room. With the help of Aizat, we managed to test the EVH 5150, zack test it with a .. I cant remember what guitar Zakk used, but I tested it with a PRS Custom 24. A first time for me to hold and test a PRS, according to Aizat the PRS just came and I am the first person to test it, the strings were still oily.

Then I went to Beat Spot, tested a laney amp, Lionheart L5T-112, a RM 4k amp, but according to the sales person, the price will go down to 1k++, the handle was already worn, that's why it the price went down so much. But only during sale. I need to test this amp and the Iron Heart with Zakk someday, just to get his opinion. 

I also went to a music shop in Ikano, but nothing much there. Later, I went to Cash Converter in Shah Alam, they have a Gibson LP Studio Lite, selling for RM2499, a cherry sunburst but with no hardcase.

On Tuesday, I went to Jalan Imbi to check out CK Music, JS Music and Ultimate Music.  in CK's web they have a new maple fret bass but it is yet to arrive at thier store. Almost bought a Orange Micro amp which I thought was selling for RM300 but the actual price was RM750, the RM300 was just for the mini cab .. duhhh.

Did not go to any music shop on Wenesday. But bought something from Ebay.

On Thursday, went to Guitar Collection at 1 Utama. Bought an ESP fret proctetor.

just to 'accesorise' my ESP
protection for the beloved Black Rose
So, today, (Friday) I plan to go to Guitar Store in Hartamas, just to see if they have anything new, or perhaps just to visit Ronnie and Kamal.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beginner's Review pt25: ESP GL 56

Sorry for the video, keep on forgetting how to position my handphone while doing video recording. Anyway, the guitarist in the video is Saiful of Guitar Collection. His comments on the guitar are its a versatile guitar, you can play metal, rock, blues etc with this guitar, good feel and playability. Price wise, I think this might be the 'cheapest' ESP signature series guitar, less than RM 9k. We tested it with a H&K Blue Edition amp.

I like the tone but somehow relic guitar is just not for me.