Monday, July 30, 2012

A visit to Guitar Workshop Ampang

The axe will undergo a major operation

Robin the guitar tech giving his opinions, insights and confidence on the major operation

 A little bit about Robin (that is his real name), he was the guitar tech for Wings in the 90's. When SEARCH began their reunion concert tour couple of years ago, Robin was entrusted to be the group's guitar tech. He is currently operating his workshop in Taman Cahaya Ampang. For more info, please search GuitarWorkshop Ampang on FB.

Its not Batman and Robin but its Jules and Robin, exchanging opinions on their weapon of choice

Friday, July 27, 2012

Beginner's review pt 19: Mono M80 Guitar and Pedal case

Little brother and Big brother

Interior view of the M80 Pedal case .. I think you can put 40 Stompboxes at one time

Interior view for the M80 guitarcase for guitar no 1

for guitar no 2...
Both are not mine but belongs to Riff Guy, I received it on his behalf. I think i would feel safe if I put my guitars or pedals in these cases, but there are pricey though.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A visit to Nonuz guitar workshop

I accompanied Jules to Nonuz guitar workshop in Cheras few weeks ago. Check out the pics ..

the awesome custom 7 string Java Parker Fly
Exotic wood replacement necks for Fender
More replacement necks for obvious brands ...

more and more replacement necks .... 
Java custom LP ... the heaviest guitar I ever held

another custom guitar with carved body ..
Nonuz and his assistant
If you want to know more about Nonuz and his service/products, look for him in FB, search for nonuz theego javaguitarcustom ....

Beginner's review pt 18: Roland CM30 Cube Monitor

If you need 1) a guitar amp 2) a bass amp 3) a pair of studio monitors,  but you are in a tight budget, perharps i have the solution, check out the below pic ...

the multi function cube
You can use it as a guitar amp, bass amp studio monitor, mic amp, iphone/ipad speaker .. and many other things as well ... the price is not too pricey considering its capability ... RM790 ..not too bad and 1 unit is enough, u dont need a pair ... .  I might get one by the end of the year.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

ESP KH2 in da house !!!

but its 'on loan' ...

the headstock ... best looking headstock in the world ..
Back of the headstock ...
No EMG 81/81 .. my friend installed SD 59/59 ...
no rosewood fretboard with skull & cross bone inlay too :( .. my friend change it to ebony and dot inlay
the original fretboard
Close up 1

Close up 2
Interior OHSC

Exterior OHSC
the back plate ..

1) Neck wise .. not as smooth as Ibanez Jem 7v and ESP MII ... but this is not a big issue to me.

2) Tone wise .. test it with dusty ross, fender mustang at a music shop .. I like the tone for both clean and overdrive/gain .. neck tone is also creamy for clean as expected from a SD 59.

3) Compared it with my explorer on overdrive .. it seems that the EMG sound louder and a bit fatter .. the SD 59 cleaner/clearer .. but I'm not complaining ... just stating facts ...

I have been wanting this guitar since 1996 .. so its time to check my guitar fund ...

Meet Dusty Ross

So ... you dont have an amp but you have a few pedals and guitars to review .. so what should you do?

Borrow from someone ...

meet Dusty Ross ... it is so dustry, hence the name ..
more dust on the front panel
1st time I'm seeing a Blaster switch on an amp, its as overdrive switch actually
A little research on this amp shows that its an MIK and a 10 watt amp. Thank to Ajax Splatter who borrowed me this amp. I'm too lazy too clean the amp, will clean it some other time ...

The tone is not too bad, function well for a practice amp, honestly, I have never seen this brand on any guitar shops in KL ... must be a rare item  ... :)

A little family update

It's almost a month that i didnt update my blog. I was busy with work, attended few weddings and also a funeral. Now its already Ramadhan, and guess what .. suddenly I found myself with 3 guitars and 1 bass ... time for family pic ....

The family spending some quality time ...
from left : Gibby Explorer aka Rose (mine), Dean Edge 09 bass aka Din (mine), Indiana LP Jr (adopted) and the latest in the family .. introducing ... ESPKh2 ... yes .. KH2 !!! ... not mine though .. 'on loan' from a friend ..more on this later today ... promise ...