Thursday, May 30, 2013

What's on my mind pt 12

Jet city amp switcher, dont think its available in Malaysia

Electro Harmonix .... amp swicher too, availabe in JS music RM 215
mesa, marshall, fender .. all in one just like the sansamp

 I got to be kidding myself .. these are actually what's on my mind ...

77 FP

7v Sparkle blue

7v .. 90s model

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Buy .. Buy ... Buy ... 2013 Pt 1

the award winning HT1 .. bought in mid march, 2nd hand
the Vox AC4C1, bought a week after I bought the HT1, greedy, 2nd hand, a good buy, I like the clean and the gain, very honest and disctint vox tone ...
stands for the amps
Boss Volume Pedal, also 2nd hand ...
I always want a wah though I do not how to use them properly, so  Ibought 1, a cry baby wah, not 2nd hand but i think might be 3rd or 4th hand .. hahaha
so from no amp to two amps ... all the things are in boxes, I am moving to a new place soon, so better to keep them in the boxes. Its not even June and I have bought few items, I have to slow down, my new place is yet to be settled, once that done, I might continue buying small stuffs.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Visit to Battery Limit Studio, Melaka

I had the chance to go to Melaka recently, so I took the oppurtunity to visit my friend Bob at his cool studio. Bob is the frontman for a group called Lela. I had great time to test his guitars - jem, prs, Gibson Lp standard, Lp double cut and the mesa.  Enjoy the pictures ...

Drum room

the Mesa cab, miced to the control room

JCM 900

Marshall Bass Amp

Guitas, basses and acoustics

the head honcho of the band and studio with his Jem,  I hope he will sell it to me 1 day, cheap .. hahahaha

TQ Bob for the hospitality.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Visit to Otoko, Seremban

Going to Otoko was never a dissapoinment, there are always 'new' guitars to try and a chat with Lawrence over teh tarik is always fun. Check out the pictures ...

1977 Fender Strat, price - RM7k++
1979 Fender Strat, price - RM6800
well, this one is a reissue
the star of that day, a vintage burst Gibson Firebird, 2008, display unit, mint condition, price RM7k++, sold on that day, bought by Ajaq Slam

Few things from the US

My friend's parents went to US end of last year, so I managed to order few things from there. Received it early this year.

the Art of Jaymz and Kirk ... what's inside? interviews, techniques and tabs

 These books were printed in US .. so it means that there are MIA .. hahahaha

More for my metallica collection, cant find them in KL, so bought it from US ..

strap locks for my Explorer .. yet to be installed ..

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Visit to TGS, Sri Hartamas

enjoy the pics ...

Vinne Moore Dean .. maybe its the Vinman 2000

Beautiful maple top

closer look


I think its bird's eye maple

VM for Very Mahal (very expensive) .. 10K RM

TGS brought in russian AMTs .. i used to be crazy them
SS-20 .. the knobs reminds me of Russian nuke head
 TQ to Rony - TGS, Sri Hartamas

Friday, May 24, 2013

Beginner's review pt: 35 - Ibanez Jem Floral (77FP) 1989

It has been quite a while that I do a review, I don't know how to review this guitar. Its the best guitar in the world, enough said. Tested with a Mesa dual rec trem-o-verb.

I want this guitar. I want it so much that I had to review my wish list. No more SG Standard as no 1. It goes to no 3. Floral Jem is now no 1. However, its rare and expensive.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What happened?

Busy since mid February, no time to update, but there has been a lot of on goings on my guitar life. Will write more, hopefully by next week.

Meanwhile, I like to update on the guitar priority list.