Friday, July 26, 2013

Raya Goodies

Bungkusan Kueh Raya ....


Installed in the rack case
ok Ijau .. I read the article that you sent .. hahaha ... its not mine though I wish it is. More about this next week.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gator Case and PS4x4 Power Conditioner

Bought the gator case and the power conditioner on behalf of a friend.

Ready to travel

4u Rack

Power conditioner installed

Check out the input 257v ..??!!

Lights on ..

The making of R2-D2

I am still unsure the use of the power conditioner (shampoo ..??)  .. but it does look useful.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beautiful PRS

I was at Bentley on sunday, saw 2 new arrival of PRS guitars. Check it out ..

PRS 24, I think this is the most beautiful PRS I have ever seen. its in blue.

A semi hollow PRS
Looking at PRS is like looking at beautiful paintings or art/sculpture. There are simply appealing and classy. The fine workmanship and the material used especially the maple top truly made PRS a very outstanding guitar in terms of the look and design.

Monday, July 22, 2013

wiring, cabling, drawing

Many weeks ago I asked Jules to 'design' how my cabling would be for my so called 'rig'. Below were his advice.

1st attemp to design the 'complex' setup

I need 3 more long cables

another mind boggling rocket science diagram by Jules
thank you Jules for the consultation. For the record, Jules paid for the meals too ... hahaha ...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

to remove or not to remove ..

the ibanez jem ...

All of sudden, I have the urge to remove jem from my dream guitar wish list.


1. its not cheap
2. the price of 1 jem (with vine inlays), i can buy 2 good japanese made guitars
3. I had bad encounters with two jem owners recently <-- the main reason .. hahahaha


1. PGM 300 or 301
2. Greco LP Custom
3. Orville by Gibson LP Custom
4. 90s Ibanez i.e rg550, rg770 etc
4. no need alternative

what say you my faithful readers?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tabung Gitar ..

I have been saving my loose change/coins since I got married in 2010. I have been saving it for a guitar, and almost used it when I bought my KH2. Well, all the coins would not buy me a guitar but at least it would help a little bit. So, I have 4 full containers full of coins ... check out the pics ..

all heavy ... heavy metal

my army of coins .. and this was only  from 2 containers
The time has come to use these coins, part of the restoration work on the KH2.

Monday, July 15, 2013

An afternoon in Music Master, SS2

This time, it was a Sunday afternoon and Zakk was available to accompany me to Music Master (MM) in SS2. We wanted to test Jaymz (Mesa Single Rec) with a ceriatone cab 2x12 loaded with v30s.

the ceriatone amp head under going a stress test from Jaymz ...
the outcome? . Zakk's happy, Jayson (MM staff) was happy, and I am happy too. We just need to clear some technicalities before moving to the next level on this matter.

Next .. some pictures of the guitars we used for the test.

an Ibanez MIK, not sure on the model

It was equipped with bare knuckle pickups

LP Classis, with slim taper neck, 500 and 498 pups, this classic has more metal tone than my KH2
We also tried some pedals .. check out the maxons ...

Maxon OD9

OD 808

These pedals took the mesa to another level. Zakk prefer the OD808, I prefer the OD9. Will i buy it? no, maybe one day. It was a good afternoon in MM, the timing was right, not many people was around at that time so we managed to crank the amp a little bit. Jayson and Sam was helpful as usual.

MM was at one time almost became my place to hang out. I took my guitar lessons at MM too. I think its the only music shop in Malaysia that close at 11PM.

Another great guitar store to blog about.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

An afternoon in Otoko, Seremban

So, I decided to spend my afternoon yesterday with a trip to Otoko in Seremban, last trip before Ramadhan. Made an appointment with Lawrence and as always he entertained me without expecting or hoping me to buy any guitars. Though he was busy yesterday with many customers and new stocks coming in, but he made the effort to ensure that I am attend to. With that sort of attitude, he will go far in any business he ventures.

So .. time for some pics .. 
The main reason I was there, a 1998 Gibson SG Standard, the 'mata kucing' was nice, I ate a few haha
Later, another unit came in, still hot and fresh from Japan, a 1996 SG Standard
I like both SGs, tonewise both guitars sound the same to my untrained begginner's ears. After testing both SGs, I revised my guitar wish list priorities. SG is now back to Number 1 spot. Jem goes to number 3.

Next are some pictures of guitars that I dont mind buying/without any hesitation if I have tons of cash in my bank.

Orville by Gibson Black Beauty
 I compared this orville with a Gibson LP Standard, the tone almost the same, but the LP standard tone on gain mode has al little bit more bite/tight.

Tested this PGM 300 many months ago .. begging me to take her home .. I wish I could do just that
Next pics are some other beautiful guitars that my money can't buy .. 

The ES335 tobacco burst with flame maple top and back
Uncle Lee (Towkay) with a George Benson Ibanez ..
The star of the day was the George Benson Ibanez, I compared it with the ES335, I prefer the George Benson. Too bad, I dunno how to play jazz or blues. 

All guitars except Orville were tested with a Marshall AVT 150.

More about Uncle Lee, Lawrence and Otoko (Best guitar shop in Malaysia) in the next few months. I wil visit them again and again after raya.

Friday, July 5, 2013

What's on mind ... pt 13

I am not too sure what is the true function of an overdrive, some said for solo, some said its a must to partner it with a Mesa, anyway it looks nice and sleek, but expensive

Now this is a bit too much to be on my mind ..

Sell .. Sell .. Sell .. 2013

Bought in March or April ... Sold in June ...
Goes with the amps too

Thursday, July 4, 2013

One ..

For the time being, I am only going to ONE metallica concert. Changi.

Stadium Merdeka ?

If it is true that there are coming to KL, I hope I have the oppurtunity to meet and greet them. I also hope that they would sign my guitars and amp.