Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - The year of the AMPLIFIER

The Amplifiers

Well folks, today is the last day of the 2013. I don't know where to start, but surely there a lot of unexpected things happened in 2013. I call it the year of the Amplifier simple because I bought 3 amps this year. The first amp was the Blackstar HT1 and 1 week later the VOX AC4C1-BL. I was planning to have a collection of small tube amps at that moment my target was the Marshall 50th anniversary 1w models. All this was in March, I think.

Then came one fine morning in May, it was still dark, sun yet to rise and I was having my breakfast at a mamak restaurant in Putrajaya. The GAS for a Mesa Rectoverb that was on sale on Jamtank was beyond control. I took Yusman and Zakk to test the amp. I want it but it didn't happen, we can't agree on the price. My luck was for a Mesa Single Rec and I got a good deal for it. So there you go from small wattage amp to studio or stage amp. Bad management on GAS, I have to admit.

So I have to sell my small amps to finance my cab. No amps for 2014 and beyond. I hope.

The Metallica

Then in late mid June, the biggest news came in .. Metallica is coming !! ... I went to the one in Singapore. Thus far, its the only concert that I have been too.I hope they will come again to Malaysia.

The Rig

I bought a lot of cables this year, from shops in KL and also Ebay. Pedals wise, I bought a volume pedal, wah, korg tuner, ditto looper and the Zoom MS70CDR. I think I have enough for the rig, so no more pedals in 2014.

The Office

I bought an Indiana strat to put in my office. I have to postpone the plan since I don't have any extra cash left for GAS to buy a 2nd hand small amp. Besides, I have mentioned earlier, no amps in 2014. I hope.

The Guitar

Fully restored the KH2, bought an Indiana strat and a .... to be revealed in 1st quarter of 2014.

The Reviews

Not much review being done in 2013, I just don't have the time to write. Not sure about 2014.

The Practice

Still bad, need to improve on this.

The Conclusion

2013 has been good, GAS wise. I think we need to think thoroughly on what we want. If not we would end up on things that we don't actually need. Need to refine, again and again on the GAS list, especially the small things. On guitars, it truly depends on what is our plan, hobby or collection. For hobby, 1 or two guitars is enough. I choose collection and I would rather save my money for guitars than amps or pedals. In other words, I would not crazily chase and look for tones. I have more than enough gadget. I want more guitars.

So .. that's all for this year. I wish all my faithful readers a good 2014! May all your GAS come true!

Ps- Sorry, no pics on this entry.

Guitar Shoppe 28/12/13

There is a new guitar shop in Shah Alam, it is called Guitar Shoppe. I like .. hahahha ... they have all the guitars for everyone's budget. The best is thier Ibanez MIJ's collection, Radin the boss told me that they will bring more of this awesome ibanez 90s MIJ. I like .. again. Check out the pics .. 

the VVIP .. Jem 777 and RG 580
The Jem 777 is not for sale, unless you give a good offer. The RG 580 is truly a beautiful guitar. Both are rare. RG 580 is selling for 2k++.

another VVIP . Ibanez Sabre MIA
This is the second MIA Ibanez I saw in Malaysia. It was designed for Michael Jackson's guitarist. A lady guitarist, can remember her name. The body is so thin and the neck I think its the thinnest in Ibanez line. Not for sale though. Belongs to Radin the Boss.

the VIPs, fender, Gibsons, Fernandes
the star of the day RG770 ... sold
I will surely visit this shop again, they have nice collection of guitars and more importantly have a friendly staff and boss.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 TJ's Best of the Rest Award

This category is based on the 'wow' factor that I experienced. Two winners for this year.

the first

the second

Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 TJ's Best Guitar Award

ok folks .. for the no 1 award .. for this year is of course the Best Guitar of 2013. It os based on the guitar that I have tested. There are a few nominees ... Ibanez PGM 200, Ibanez Jem FP, Ibanez George Benson, Godin Empire .. and what else ..hmm I think that's all, these guitars were chosen as the finalist based on the fact that it 'talked' to me .. its a tough decision, so I decided on the winner based on the one that make me can't sleep for the longest number of days ... and the grammy goes to ...the winner

 It took me a month to get if off my system ...

Friday, December 27, 2013

Menuetto Music 27/12/13

Well folks, today is the last Friday of the year. In 2012, the last Friday of that year I went to Menuetto Music, so I did the same thing this year, so its a been a year since my last visit to them. Met the owner, Mr. Tee and we gossiped on the music instruments industry in Malaysia. Lets proceed with the pictures ok ..

Gibson Blueshawk 1995 .. looks beautiful, 2nd hand 3600rm
Menuetto don;t sell 2nd hands, Mr. Tee is just helping his customer to sell this guitar. Lets check out the VIP room ..

nice gibsons acoustics ...
a closer look on the price ... wuhuuuuu!!!!

Bro MBM .. this explorer suits your spec, 11,900RM
rows of Genthry gutars .. MIC .. this is not in the VIP room ok ..

a closer look on the headstock ..
this is one weird looking amp ..
that concludes my guitar adventure in Menuetto today ... till the next last friday of the year ... hahaha ...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

TGS Hartamas 26/12/13

We take a short break from the Award giving ceremony. Again, on the 'extended' lunch' series, I went to TGS Hartamas today. Enjoy the pics ..
Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro
TGS brins gibson from time to time. The one in Hartamas cost around 9k. Solid body and very heavy.

AMT Stonehead ... I think its a preamp
Wall of ENGLs ... from small to big ones
The star of the day .. Godin Empire
I have tested this twice in a week. I like everything about this guitar, the price is affordable hmmm maybe 1 day ...

2013 TJ's Best MultiFX Award

Well dear readers, it is time of the year for TJ's annual award. For this year, it will be only few entries,unlike last year where each awards has its own entry. Reason being is that I don't have much time to write, besides, I don't do many reviews this year .. So here goes ... 

2014 TJ's Best MultiFX (That my money can't buy)

Fractal AXE FX II

It can really James Bond
I was planning to do a long review on this, but due to my workloads, I have to skip the plan. So this is my short review on this mother of all MultiFX. For me, a multiFX is a multiFX, after a few minutes going thru it, it reminds me of hoing thru my cheap Zoom G2Nu. But the Axe FX is no ordinary FX. The company that produce it boast that the amp tones are 95% similar to the real amps, and lately it even dare to say 99%. I have to agree. It truly simulates the amps.Its presets are awesome. I tested it with Aken Zaza, on Sweet Child O' Mine preset, Aken played the intro of that song and to my ears, it is like listening to GnR CD, and Aken was not seriously playing it. 

The main setback is the price, This unit cost around 7-8K RM ,, perhaps more. The floor pedal alone cost around 2-3kRM. Superbly expensive. You need a speaker to go with it as well, ant that will cost more. For those who like Multi FX and has 12K to spend, may wish to consider the Axe FX. Regardless whether you are a musician or just a hobbyist, the Axe FX will make you a happy guitarist.

2014 TJ's Best MultiFX (That my money can buy, and I actually bought it)

Zoom MS70CDR
After few minutes testing this FX, I really like it for its tones and ease of use. More importantly It doesn't cost a bomb. I am truly happy with it. So I will not GAS for pedals or the TC Nova system ... I hope.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

JS and CK Year End Sale 2013

Today is Christmas Eve, the office is almost empty, so I took the opportunity to have an 'extended lunch hour' and went to JS and CK Music. Just a normal window shopping to see what they have to offer for their YES.

35% discount on various pedals at JS Music
I think this is a good offer from JSMusic, though some of the pedals on 2nd hand market are slightly cheaper, but if you add perhaps another 30-50rm, you can get a brand new on sale. I would go for the brand new. Anyhow, I am not into pedals at the moment. Thank god for that.

Next is CK Music. I visited them many times but today are among the few visits that I am happy with the customer sale service plus there few new things that I like.

the Zoom MS70CDR .. this is cool, way easier and better than my G2NU .. 300RM

Korg Drum Machine, this is fun, 180rm i think it has its own built speaker but no USB only line out

this is unique, a hybrid ovation acoustic/electric guitar with SD p90 pickup, 4kRM .. no tq

Bro Ijau, this is your item, 2 weeks order, 180rm per speaker, it suits your spec

I wish I can buy this, it sounds nice, piano weighted keys, looks nice as well, but nobody plays piano in my house
so .. did I buy anything .. ?

fortunately or unfortunately .. yes ... the Auntie said that there will be no CNY sale .. so i grab it
Afiez, my guitar buddy truly recommended this zoom. So with my eyes closed, I gave my credit card to auntie. I also bought 3 guitar stands ...TQ to Kwong Chang Hong aka Ah Hong for the friendly service, CK needs more people like him ...

Friday, December 20, 2013

Bentley Year End Sale 2013

Nothing much to report ... some fenders MIA are on sale, up to 30%, that's all .. will go there again, just to check on the things that I didn't see ...

finally .. some discounts on the 30k jem, now someone can afford to buy it

the rg550 mij, 3600rm ... no discount

Monday, December 16, 2013

Otoko 13/11/12

I was in Port Dickson for a three day meeting, so on the way back I make sure that I stop at Otoko in Seremban. I asked Jules to join me and we met that Friday afternoon. It was Jules 1st time in otoko and he was impressed with the loads of guitars in Otoko/Doremi. Lawrence the owner came later and joined us.

'This is guitar heaven' said Jules upon seeing the rows of guitars at the upper floor of the shop. Jules tested several guitars that afternoon. So, I asked him the top three guitars that he liked. So .... the number three ..

a 1989 Fender 'Blackie' Clapton, with lace sensors, 5500rm
Now, Jules is not a fan of fender, somehow that 'Blackie' talked to him, hmmmm .. it talked to me too. I will put it in my list. I even told Lawrence to keep it for me hahaha ...

No 2 ... Orville Custom LP
This was a surprise, but Jules really like it ... selling for 3400rm ....

The No 1 and the real reason Jules and me went to Otoko that day ... The SG Standard

Soon ... my Roza ..
Again and again, it was never a disappointment going to Otoko. Lots of guitar to test and friendly owner as well. Now, I need to do a lot of savings haha ...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I can't remember what I did on 6/6/6, 8/8/8. 9/9/9. 10/10/10, 11/11/11 ... I do remember what I did on 7/7/7 ... it was Saturday .. that year I was crazy on tennis, I went to KL went to GS GILL (a sport shop) and get an awesome deal on two (NOS) Adidas racquets, these racquets were from the 80s ...

0n 12/12/12 ... I went to Bentley with Zakk ... and I bought 2 Ibanez picks to commemorate the date ... I don't like the picks though .. no good ...

Today .. 11/12/13 .. another nice date .. so around 2-3 weeks ago I have planned what I will do to commemorate this date// Obviously, it has something to do with guitar .... so ...

a brand nrw guitar !!
maple fretboard, a first in my collection ..
single coils, another first ... surf green babey !!
Indiana IE-1 Strat
Alder Solid Body 
Nickel Frets Sealed Die-Cast Keys 
Adjustable Trussrod 
22 Fret Maple Neck 
 Matched Spitfire Pickups 
Vintage Fulcrum Tremolo 
5-way toggle Switch 1 Volume 2 Tone 
Tremelo Bar 
Triple Ply Pickguard 
10 Year Warranty 

This is the first guitar that I bought brand new, it will be in my office. Since the brand name is Indiana, I shall name this guitar ... Dr. Jones ... welcome to the family Dr. Jones .... now I need a small amp.

Friday, October 18, 2013

What's on my mind .. pt15

off late there are a lot of things on my mind .. what i do not have a lot is $$$$

150rm at Music Master ... joyo !!
this might be enough for me .. no need cioks, fuel tanks etc
yeah .. i need few of these
one for  Rose aka explorer
this could be handy ....
this could be helpful ..

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What's on my mind .. pt 14

Well folks, its time for what's on my mind ..

its an isolation riser, put the speaker cab on it, very dense foam, weight limit is 300lbs .. to ensure that the sound/vibe does not goes to the floor .. not sure whether i really need this ...

Power Plug - guitar amp attenuator, will shrink the power of the amp without sacrificing the tone, I think it will reduce the watt by more than 90% ... therefore you will not disturb your neighbours .... again not sure whether i need it .. by the way this brand is the cheapest in the market
ahhh .. the ever beautiful Gibson SG Standard, never fail to impress me .. do I need it? .. ohh yes .. hahaha

Monday, October 14, 2013

Could this be the RG for me?

RG 550 in Desert Sun Yellow Re-Issue (Prestige MIJ) ... coming soon to a guitar shop near you
neck type5pc Super Wizard Maple/Walnut neck
bodyBasswood body
fretboardMaple fretboard
fretEdge tremolo bridge
number of fretsJumbo frets
neck puIbanez V1 (H) neck PU
middle puIbanez S1 (S) middle PU
bridge puIbanez V2 (H) bridge PU
hardware colorBlack
Neck Dimensions
a : Width at Nut43mm
b : Width at Last Fret58mm
c: Thickness at 1st17mm
d : Thickness at 12th19mm

The making of my 'One on One' Studio ...

Hi folks, it has been a dream to have my own room for me to practice my guitar, so, when I moved in to a new place, that dream came true .. check out the pics ..
swept, washed and mopped = clean

just a small room .. but enough
every studio has a persian rug, mine included

my acoustic treatment for the studio, 8 pillows and 2 comforters, I dont have a budget to install a proper one

more pics soon, my amp is ready to move in ...