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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

I guess its not too late for to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my muslim readers. It has been an expensive raya for me i.e. duit raya, travel expenses, gifts and also a guitar raya. Well, as they said, raya is only once a year, so why not .. as long as its within the budget.

I will be busy with work for the next few weeks or perhaps till December, so new blog post will be very slow. So .. once again, Happy Eid Mubarak y'all !!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beginner's Review Pt 20: EVH 5150 III

In the first video .. Aizat (featured guitarist)  tested the clean, crunch and lead channel. badly recorded by the videographer .. hahaha .. the video a bit lengthy though ...

In the second video, another attempt on the third channel by Aizat ...

We tested the amp with EVH Wolfgang Special.

Honestly, it is the most difficult guitar gear for me to review .. why?

1) though this amp is not the first high end amp that I tested, but I believe the EVH is in its own league as compared to Mesa Single rec
2) it was built, engineered and designed for soloists
3) We didnt tweak the amp properly ... both of us were like in hurry .. not sure why
4) we didn't test the third channel reasonably loud enough .. again, I am not sure why ... 

and therefore my review would be ..

I was waiting for the 'wow' factor or jaw drop moment, somehow it didn't happened. Perhaps due to the reasons above. My limited playing ability was also a major factor, this amp is way too high end for me. That's why I asked Aizat to assist me. I dont think I should comment on the clean mode, I dont think people buy this amp for its clean channel. I prefer the crunch mode than the hi gain, the crunch mode has a distinct tone as compared to other big amps. The hi gain .. well, its difficult for me to comment, perhaps because there are little differences between good amps, difficult for me to notice it.  Overall,  I think this amp is a tool for specialist and perhaps may be a bit demanding too.

Finally, if i were to choose between mesa single rec or the EVH 5150,   I would choose the mesa single rec. Hey .. dont take my review too seriously ok ... I'm just a beginner .. :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Something has arrived ...

but its not mine ... I dont need this gadget ...

something is on its way ...

Detailed Report

Location Service Area
Checkpoint Details

Aug 01, 2012   08:55   Kul - KUL   With delivery courier - Kul - KUL
Aug 01, 2012   03:25   Kul - KUL   Arrived at delivery facility - Kul - KUL
Aug 01, 2012   03:15   Kul - KUL   Departed from facility - Kul - KUL
Aug 01, 2012   03:14   Kul - KUL   Processed - Kul - KUL
Jul 31, 2012   13:21   Kul - KUL   Arrived at sort facility - Kul - KUL
Jul 31, 2012   11:44   Szb - SZB   Clearance processing complete - Szb - SZB
Jul 31, 2012   05:32   Szb - SZB   Processed for clearance - Szb - SZB
Jul 31, 2012   05:32   Szb - SZB   Clearance delay - Szb - SZB
Jul 30, 2012   22:46   Sin - SIN   Departed from facility - Sin - SIN
Jul 30, 2012   22:06   Sin - SIN   Processed - Sin - SIN
Jul 30, 2012   19:53   Sin - SIN   Arrived at sort facility - Sin - SIN
Jul 30, 2012   17:23   Sin - SIN   Shipment picked up - Sin - SIN