Thursday, July 18, 2013

to remove or not to remove ..

the ibanez jem ...

All of sudden, I have the urge to remove jem from my dream guitar wish list.


1. its not cheap
2. the price of 1 jem (with vine inlays), i can buy 2 good japanese made guitars
3. I had bad encounters with two jem owners recently <-- the main reason .. hahahaha


1. PGM 300 or 301
2. Greco LP Custom
3. Orville by Gibson LP Custom
4. 90s Ibanez i.e rg550, rg770 etc
4. no need alternative

what say you my faithful readers?


  1. stay away from signatured stuff (unless cheap)
    alternative? cari gitar yg selesa dan sesuai dgn applications (studio guitar? live guitar? all-rounder?)

    btw, what's so special about JEM anyway? vai mojo?

  2. dulu lagi i dah ckp.... some IBANEZ is not my CUPPA....sma gax dgn some FENDER STRATS .........

    maybe one day... u will get ur sef one SIGNATURE guitar yg u betul3 CHERISH bro... bukan just URGE or LUST......

    to me... personally.....after playing n owning LOTS n LOTS n LOTS of HI END guitars..... i personally came down to EARTH....(GROUND CONTROL)..... now more into.... CLASSICAL GUITARS n JAZZ BOXES.... sebab.... dah MELLOW down....

    get ur sef....what u wanna CHERISH bukan FANCIES bro....... coz...i ;d been there n done that.....hehehhe

  3. ibanez is ok, i own one (s670fm) and its an awesome axe.but JEM,hurrmmm...i never really like the monkey grip and the guitar with pickguard although the tree of life inlay is a beauty. Vai mojo? aku lagi suka mojo jojo dari citer powerpuff girls.wahahah

    i think elok beli Gibson Les Paul original je sebijik.hehe