Monday, July 15, 2013

An afternoon in Music Master, SS2

This time, it was a Sunday afternoon and Zakk was available to accompany me to Music Master (MM) in SS2. We wanted to test Jaymz (Mesa Single Rec) with a ceriatone cab 2x12 loaded with v30s.

the ceriatone amp head under going a stress test from Jaymz ...
the outcome? . Zakk's happy, Jayson (MM staff) was happy, and I am happy too. We just need to clear some technicalities before moving to the next level on this matter.

Next .. some pictures of the guitars we used for the test.

an Ibanez MIK, not sure on the model

It was equipped with bare knuckle pickups

LP Classis, with slim taper neck, 500 and 498 pups, this classic has more metal tone than my KH2
We also tried some pedals .. check out the maxons ...

Maxon OD9

OD 808

These pedals took the mesa to another level. Zakk prefer the OD808, I prefer the OD9. Will i buy it? no, maybe one day. It was a good afternoon in MM, the timing was right, not many people was around at that time so we managed to crank the amp a little bit. Jayson and Sam was helpful as usual.

MM was at one time almost became my place to hang out. I took my guitar lessons at MM too. I think its the only music shop in Malaysia that close at 11PM.

Another great guitar store to blog about.


  1. too shy to play a gibson :)

    (malu dgn gapnap)

  2. ohh kira malu2 koceng la ni hehe, next time ko dtg masa gapnap takde la hehehe leh try gibson ..

    1. klu xde gapnap, aku tak biasa dgn staff lain... jayson pun baru2 je kenal

  3. les paul lagi metal dari KH2? kene beli LP plak nampak gaya lepas ni.wahaha

    1. KH2 tu .. previous owner dah kasi sumbat Seymour Duncan 59 neck and bridge ... soon aku akan letak balik emg81/81

    2. kasi letak bro.thats the way it should be.haha

    3. 59 neck tu nnti blh la kasi letgo murah2