Sunday, July 7, 2013

An afternoon in Otoko, Seremban

So, I decided to spend my afternoon yesterday with a trip to Otoko in Seremban, last trip before Ramadhan. Made an appointment with Lawrence and as always he entertained me without expecting or hoping me to buy any guitars. Though he was busy yesterday with many customers and new stocks coming in, but he made the effort to ensure that I am attend to. With that sort of attitude, he will go far in any business he ventures.

So .. time for some pics .. 
The main reason I was there, a 1998 Gibson SG Standard, the 'mata kucing' was nice, I ate a few haha
Later, another unit came in, still hot and fresh from Japan, a 1996 SG Standard
I like both SGs, tonewise both guitars sound the same to my untrained begginner's ears. After testing both SGs, I revised my guitar wish list priorities. SG is now back to Number 1 spot. Jem goes to number 3.

Next are some pictures of guitars that I dont mind buying/without any hesitation if I have tons of cash in my bank.

Orville by Gibson Black Beauty
 I compared this orville with a Gibson LP Standard, the tone almost the same, but the LP standard tone on gain mode has al little bit more bite/tight.

Tested this PGM 300 many months ago .. begging me to take her home .. I wish I could do just that
Next pics are some other beautiful guitars that my money can't buy .. 

The ES335 tobacco burst with flame maple top and back
Uncle Lee (Towkay) with a George Benson Ibanez ..
The star of the day was the George Benson Ibanez, I compared it with the ES335, I prefer the George Benson. Too bad, I dunno how to play jazz or blues. 

All guitars except Orville were tested with a Marshall AVT 150.

More about Uncle Lee, Lawrence and Otoko (Best guitar shop in Malaysia) in the next few months. I wil visit them again and again after raya.


  1. Replies
    1. memang bro .. almost mint kondisi .. yg ni orvillbe by gibson, kayu jepun mari, hardware gibson ori ..

      kalau orville saja, 100% nippon go

    2. tu la,terinagt gita les paulkirk pakai dlm video live shit seattle 1989 lagu sanitarium n fade to black.hahah

    3. black beauty ke? .. orville by gibson ni mahal skit, dan agak rare, tapi Uncle Lee penah cakap kat aku, yg betul2 paling hampir ngan tone gibson ialah greco ... harga lagi murah dari orvillbe gibson(ObG)