Thursday, December 26, 2013

TGS Hartamas 26/12/13

We take a short break from the Award giving ceremony. Again, on the 'extended' lunch' series, I went to TGS Hartamas today. Enjoy the pics ..
Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro
TGS brins gibson from time to time. The one in Hartamas cost around 9k. Solid body and very heavy.

AMT Stonehead ... I think its a preamp
Wall of ENGLs ... from small to big ones
The star of the day .. Godin Empire
I have tested this twice in a week. I like everything about this guitar, the price is affordable hmmm maybe 1 day ...


  1. tgk gambar 1st ingatkan ko beli gibson...

    1. haha .. tak ah .. kalau beli mmg syok ah .... tapi 9k tuh, tak sanggup la ...

  2. aku rekod kompilasi baru ni pakai Head ENGL Firestorm plus Maxon green padel. Agak brutal jugak sound dia. hehehe

    1. ENGL mmg brutal, seswai utk european style metal .. and also banting style .. hehehe