Tuesday, December 24, 2013

JS and CK Year End Sale 2013

Today is Christmas Eve, the office is almost empty, so I took the opportunity to have an 'extended lunch hour' and went to JS and CK Music. Just a normal window shopping to see what they have to offer for their YES.

35% discount on various pedals at JS Music
I think this is a good offer from JSMusic, though some of the pedals on 2nd hand market are slightly cheaper, but if you add perhaps another 30-50rm, you can get a brand new on sale. I would go for the brand new. Anyhow, I am not into pedals at the moment. Thank god for that.

Next is CK Music. I visited them many times but today are among the few visits that I am happy with the customer sale service plus there few new things that I like.

the Zoom MS70CDR .. this is cool, way easier and better than my G2NU .. 300RM

Korg Drum Machine, this is fun, 180rm i think it has its own built speaker but no USB only line out

this is unique, a hybrid ovation acoustic/electric guitar with SD p90 pickup, 4kRM .. no tq

Bro Ijau, this is your item, 2 weeks order, 180rm per speaker, it suits your spec

I wish I can buy this, it sounds nice, piano weighted keys, looks nice as well, but nobody plays piano in my house
so .. did I buy anything .. ?

fortunately or unfortunately .. yes ... the Auntie said that there will be no CNY sale .. so i grab it
Afiez, my guitar buddy truly recommended this zoom. So with my eyes closed, I gave my credit card to auntie. I also bought 3 guitar stands ...TQ to Kwong Chang Hong aka Ah Hong for the friendly service, CK needs more people like him ...


  1. yup, ko carik ah hong or nazri tu, dorang ni aku rasa leh pakai ...

  2. perghhh... masyuk. hahaha. dalm no boleh emulate zoom tmo1 tri metal tak?