Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Guitar Shoppe 28/12/13

There is a new guitar shop in Shah Alam, it is called Guitar Shoppe. I like .. hahahha ... they have all the guitars for everyone's budget. The best is thier Ibanez MIJ's collection, Radin the boss told me that they will bring more of this awesome ibanez 90s MIJ. I like .. again. Check out the pics .. 

the VVIP .. Jem 777 and RG 580
The Jem 777 is not for sale, unless you give a good offer. The RG 580 is truly a beautiful guitar. Both are rare. RG 580 is selling for 2k++.

another VVIP . Ibanez Sabre MIA
This is the second MIA Ibanez I saw in Malaysia. It was designed for Michael Jackson's guitarist. A lady guitarist, can remember her name. The body is so thin and the neck I think its the thinnest in Ibanez line. Not for sale though. Belongs to Radin the Boss.

the VIPs, fender, Gibsons, Fernandes
the star of the day RG770 ... sold
I will surely visit this shop again, they have nice collection of guitars and more importantly have a friendly staff and boss.


  1. hehehe... mcm bagi nama kedai kopi sbg "kopiam" kan?

    "Michael Jackson's guitarist. A lady guitarist, can remember her name" - Orianthi?

    1. haha betul2 . sempai nama kedai tu .. bukan orianthi, kira otai gak aku rasa .. bini jeff beck kata Radin, sedap gitar ni bro