Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I can't remember what I did on 6/6/6, 8/8/8. 9/9/9. 10/10/10, 11/11/11 ... I do remember what I did on 7/7/7 ... it was Saturday .. that year I was crazy on tennis, I went to KL went to GS GILL (a sport shop) and get an awesome deal on two (NOS) Adidas racquets, these racquets were from the 80s ...

0n 12/12/12 ... I went to Bentley with Zakk ... and I bought 2 Ibanez picks to commemorate the date ... I don't like the picks though .. no good ...

Today .. 11/12/13 .. another nice date .. so around 2-3 weeks ago I have planned what I will do to commemorate this date// Obviously, it has something to do with guitar .... so ...

a brand nrw guitar !!
maple fretboard, a first in my collection ..
single coils, another first ... surf green babey !!
Indiana IE-1 Strat
Alder Solid Body 
Nickel Frets Sealed Die-Cast Keys 
Adjustable Trussrod 
22 Fret Maple Neck 
 Matched Spitfire Pickups 
Vintage Fulcrum Tremolo 
5-way toggle Switch 1 Volume 2 Tone 
Tremelo Bar 
Triple Ply Pickguard 
10 Year Warranty 

This is the first guitar that I bought brand new, it will be in my office. Since the brand name is Indiana, I shall name this guitar ... Dr. Jones ... welcome to the family Dr. Jones .... now I need a small amp.


  1. maple fretboard ni klu fretting terkena kuku, kurang "ngeri" berbanding rosewood

    the reason both of my superstrats guna maple fretboard

  2. mapley have brighter tone than rosewood...but on the other hand it relics faster..ahahahha..... congrats bro.... pls....

    1. video i main gitar lambat lagi .. video i mandi leh jer hahaha

  3. wahhhhh dan lagi sambar yg baru sebijik. made in mane nih?

    1. made in negara asal Laksamana Cheng Ho ....