Friday, December 27, 2013

Menuetto Music 27/12/13

Well folks, today is the last Friday of the year. In 2012, the last Friday of that year I went to Menuetto Music, so I did the same thing this year, so its a been a year since my last visit to them. Met the owner, Mr. Tee and we gossiped on the music instruments industry in Malaysia. Lets proceed with the pictures ok ..

Gibson Blueshawk 1995 .. looks beautiful, 2nd hand 3600rm
Menuetto don;t sell 2nd hands, Mr. Tee is just helping his customer to sell this guitar. Lets check out the VIP room ..

nice gibsons acoustics ...
a closer look on the price ... wuhuuuuu!!!!

Bro MBM .. this explorer suits your spec, 11,900RM
rows of Genthry gutars .. MIC .. this is not in the VIP room ok ..

a closer look on the headstock ..
this is one weird looking amp ..
that concludes my guitar adventure in Menuetto today ... till the next last friday of the year ... hahaha ...


  1. yeahhhhh... a 1984 Gibson Explorer. cun... but i rather go for Epiphone for Rm2600...budgetwise im just rakyat marhaen. hahaha

  2. guitar tu mmg nampak awesome, tapi tone kureng la . pikap emg95/95 ... pelik tapi benar