Monday, December 16, 2013

Otoko 13/11/12

I was in Port Dickson for a three day meeting, so on the way back I make sure that I stop at Otoko in Seremban. I asked Jules to join me and we met that Friday afternoon. It was Jules 1st time in otoko and he was impressed with the loads of guitars in Otoko/Doremi. Lawrence the owner came later and joined us.

'This is guitar heaven' said Jules upon seeing the rows of guitars at the upper floor of the shop. Jules tested several guitars that afternoon. So, I asked him the top three guitars that he liked. So .... the number three ..

a 1989 Fender 'Blackie' Clapton, with lace sensors, 5500rm
Now, Jules is not a fan of fender, somehow that 'Blackie' talked to him, hmmmm .. it talked to me too. I will put it in my list. I even told Lawrence to keep it for me hahaha ...

No 2 ... Orville Custom LP
This was a surprise, but Jules really like it ... selling for 3400rm ....

The No 1 and the real reason Jules and me went to Otoko that day ... The SG Standard

Soon ... my Roza ..
Again and again, it was never a disappointment going to Otoko. Lots of guitar to test and friendly owner as well. Now, I need to do a lot of savings haha ...


  1. one day...after i played all the metal in my vein, i would like to own a les paul. tq.hahahah