Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 TJ's Best MultiFX Award

Well dear readers, it is time of the year for TJ's annual award. For this year, it will be only few entries,unlike last year where each awards has its own entry. Reason being is that I don't have much time to write, besides, I don't do many reviews this year .. So here goes ... 

2014 TJ's Best MultiFX (That my money can't buy)

Fractal AXE FX II

It can really James Bond
I was planning to do a long review on this, but due to my workloads, I have to skip the plan. So this is my short review on this mother of all MultiFX. For me, a multiFX is a multiFX, after a few minutes going thru it, it reminds me of hoing thru my cheap Zoom G2Nu. But the Axe FX is no ordinary FX. The company that produce it boast that the amp tones are 95% similar to the real amps, and lately it even dare to say 99%. I have to agree. It truly simulates the amps.Its presets are awesome. I tested it with Aken Zaza, on Sweet Child O' Mine preset, Aken played the intro of that song and to my ears, it is like listening to GnR CD, and Aken was not seriously playing it. 

The main setback is the price, This unit cost around 7-8K RM ,, perhaps more. The floor pedal alone cost around 2-3kRM. Superbly expensive. You need a speaker to go with it as well, ant that will cost more. For those who like Multi FX and has 12K to spend, may wish to consider the Axe FX. Regardless whether you are a musician or just a hobbyist, the Axe FX will make you a happy guitarist.

2014 TJ's Best MultiFX (That my money can buy, and I actually bought it)

Zoom MS70CDR
After few minutes testing this FX, I really like it for its tones and ease of use. More importantly It doesn't cost a bomb. I am truly happy with it. So I will not GAS for pedals or the TC Nova system ... I hope.


  1. kalau aku banyak duit pun... aku cuma mampu pod HD pro, atau varian lama pod X3 pro

    1. oh yer .. member aku tu cakap, dia mintak ko offer dia .. pod x3pro, floorboard dan case (gator rasanya) .. fbv aku tak sure model apa, sumer sekali dia mau jual ...

  2. Fractal ni best sangat ke? Metallica paki untuk gig derang baru ni kat Antarctica... mcm biase je tone derang.hahaha