Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - The year of the AMPLIFIER

The Amplifiers

Well folks, today is the last day of the 2013. I don't know where to start, but surely there a lot of unexpected things happened in 2013. I call it the year of the Amplifier simple because I bought 3 amps this year. The first amp was the Blackstar HT1 and 1 week later the VOX AC4C1-BL. I was planning to have a collection of small tube amps at that moment my target was the Marshall 50th anniversary 1w models. All this was in March, I think.

Then came one fine morning in May, it was still dark, sun yet to rise and I was having my breakfast at a mamak restaurant in Putrajaya. The GAS for a Mesa Rectoverb that was on sale on Jamtank was beyond control. I took Yusman and Zakk to test the amp. I want it but it didn't happen, we can't agree on the price. My luck was for a Mesa Single Rec and I got a good deal for it. So there you go from small wattage amp to studio or stage amp. Bad management on GAS, I have to admit.

So I have to sell my small amps to finance my cab. No amps for 2014 and beyond. I hope.

The Metallica

Then in late mid June, the biggest news came in .. Metallica is coming !! ... I went to the one in Singapore. Thus far, its the only concert that I have been too.I hope they will come again to Malaysia.

The Rig

I bought a lot of cables this year, from shops in KL and also Ebay. Pedals wise, I bought a volume pedal, wah, korg tuner, ditto looper and the Zoom MS70CDR. I think I have enough for the rig, so no more pedals in 2014.

The Office

I bought an Indiana strat to put in my office. I have to postpone the plan since I don't have any extra cash left for GAS to buy a 2nd hand small amp. Besides, I have mentioned earlier, no amps in 2014. I hope.

The Guitar

Fully restored the KH2, bought an Indiana strat and a .... to be revealed in 1st quarter of 2014.

The Reviews

Not much review being done in 2013, I just don't have the time to write. Not sure about 2014.

The Practice

Still bad, need to improve on this.

The Conclusion

2013 has been good, GAS wise. I think we need to think thoroughly on what we want. If not we would end up on things that we don't actually need. Need to refine, again and again on the GAS list, especially the small things. On guitars, it truly depends on what is our plan, hobby or collection. For hobby, 1 or two guitars is enough. I choose collection and I would rather save my money for guitars than amps or pedals. In other words, I would not crazily chase and look for tones. I have more than enough gadget. I want more guitars.

So .. that's all for this year. I wish all my faithful readers a good 2014! May all your GAS come true!

Ps- Sorry, no pics on this entry.