Monday, December 10, 2012

some updates ..

Though its already December, I am still busy with work, perhaps I am only free on the last week of the year. On my quest for the year end sale, it seems unachievable even for the vox cable, first I want the white coily, apparently no stock. If its in stock, it will be pointless anyway, since I don't have any amp. So might as well I dont buy it.

The roland CM 30 and the EMG 81/60 will have to wait. Bentley gave a good price for both EMGs, 540rm, but then they dont have any stock. No stock here and there, I take it as a sign from God to not buy anything yet. 

Anyway, I am planning to buy an apartment, sorting out the loans etc at the moment. So all my savings will go for the apartment S&P, furniture, lights, fans, fridge, washing machine etc .... I dont have much savings anyway ..

Yup .. this one
Checkout bedroom no 2. That will be my home office/studio ... hmm maybe I could squeeze an amp in my new apartment budget.

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