Monday, December 31, 2012

Review of 2012

This would be my last blog post for the year 2012. Guitar wise, I think this year has been good to me. I have made new guitar buddies, have a blog, reviewed many guitar, amps etc. I have bought my dream guitar i.e. the KH2, for a short period of time owned  a LP custom, and bought few other stuffs. I spent countless hours in guitar shops this year. 

The final week of 2012 I spent four days in a row visiting various guitar shops. I was accompanied by Zakk. We even tested few gibson. I tested the ES 335, E355 Custom and also a Seventy Seven ES335 copy. I prefer the Gibson ES335. We also tested the Vox amphone, Vov ACT4 and some other stuff. 

ES 355 Custom
ES 335


My total practice time however, is bad. I think if I add all the mins of practices, maybe it is less that 12 hours for the whole year. Very bad. Therefore, I hope in 2013 I will spend more time practising. I plan to get some guitar lessons from Wak and Jules.

GAS wise for 2013, I hope to buy an amp, after I move in to my new apartment. What ever the amp is, it must make me happy. Perhaps, I can buy another guitar in my small guitar budget next year. 

See you next year and Happy New Year !!


  1. nak test .. free ... nak beli tak sanggup hahaha

  2. ni kt kedai mana yg jual gitar gibson?

  3. Hi bro, sorry lambat reply, kenai menuetto dekat desa parkcity

  4. Replies
    1. tak sampai 7k, with kahler bridge kot, tone on hi gain mmg mantap, kalah gibson explorer warna hitam yg pakai emg