Friday, December 28, 2012

Beginner's review pt34: Blackstar HT5RH

My future amp?
I have tested this amp many times, I wonder why I did not write a review on it. So here goes, this amp has all the features that I want. I have tested other amps with similar or less features, just to look is there any other options than the HT5 but I kept coming back to this amp. Paired with a cab loaded with Celestion V30 and you will get an excellent gain tone as if the HT5 is a different amp altogether. Yesterday, Zakk and I tested this amp, I am glad that Zakk gave good review on this amp. We tested at bedroom volume level and the gain was still intact. 

Never mind the debate on whether this amp is full tube or hybrid, I like what I heard. I have read many reviews that said that the gain tone came from the tube. I even wrote to Blackstar to seek clarification on this matter, their replied was

Hi TJ,

Thanks for your enquiry with Blackstar Amps.

This is the official explanation from our Q&A section -

Are HT Venue amplifiers 100% valve?

In the HT Venue amps we have used some op-amp circuits where there is a tonal or reliability
advantage (i.e. for some pre-distortion gain and preamp filter circuits). This is in keeping with
our 'no tonal compromise' approach when designing the HT Venue Series.

Kind Regards

Jamie Thompson
Product Specialist
Blackstar Amplification
+44 (0)1604 652844

I was expecting a simple yes or no answer from them. I don't understand the explanation however. LOL.

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