Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Beginner's Review pt32: Fender Frontman 212

the amp for the frontman

I have tested this amp a few times with various guitars and this amp never fail to impress me. The overdrive tone is nice but the best from this amp is the warm clean tone. Honestly, the clean tone from this amp is nicer than some of the fender tubes small amps. Its a 100w and definitely not for a bedroom. Wakc my guitar buddy told me that there smaller version of this frontman but the 212r is the best for this model. I am not sure about the weight but it does look heavy. Selling price is around 1800rm.


  1. tak kot .. yg head m cab version rasa cam penah, jadi reference amp kat guitar collection 1 utama

  2. dah 4 tahun nak beli combo amp kecik bile time year end sale... tapi sampai sekarang tak beli² lagi... adoyaiiii...

    btw, RM1800 macam good bargain je...

  3. mungkin ada lagi diskaun tu .. try p bentley the curve bro