Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bentley Year End Sale and 12/12/12

Good Deal No 1
The Mesa Single Rectifier - Retail price RM8700 after 30% discount RM6090.

Zakk tested the amp with a Mesa 4x12 cab. We tested it for house/apartment volume level. The master and output knobs were set at 8 o'clock. Sounds OK to me, but Zakk was not impressed. Anyway, still a good deal as compared to the Mesa Mini Rectifier, though RM500 (after 15% discount) cheaper but you will get a better rock and metal tone from the single rec. 

Good Deal No 2

Fender Princeton Reverb - Retail price RM4800 after 20% discount RM3840.

Come to think of it, I am not sure whether it is a good deal. I read good review about the amp and according to the sales rep it is MIA. 

Good Deal No 3
Charvel San Dimas - Retail Price RM5k++ after 50% !! discount, less than RM3K

Might be the cheapest brand new MIA guitar in Malaysia. During the mid year sale it was 40% discount, let see if its still available by 2013 Bentley mid year sale, will it be 60% discount ?

Good Deal No 4 and 5
Ibanez RG 1550 (right, blue with black pickguard) - Retail price RM4250 (maybe) after 25% discount RM3187.

Ibanez RG 2570 (left) - Retail price RM5700 after 40% discount !! RM3420 !!

Let say, I have been saving up my money to buy the RG1550 for the the past one year, the day that I want to buy it, I found out that there's a better guitar and I only need to add RM233. That would be very happy ending guitar buying story isn't it.

The RG2570 is definitely the best deal for this year bentley year end sale. As usual, too bad I don't have RM3420 to play around. Will it be 50% discount come next year's mid year sale?

Anyway, to commemorate the 12/12/12 I have decided to purchase something.

bad pic
 Two Ibanez picks. RM7. At least I bought an ibanez, though not a guitar.


  1. san dimas below rm3k = beli

    tp sygnya warna kurang menarik

  2. sib baik bukan dalam wish list aku hahaha