Friday, December 28, 2012

Beginner's review pt 33: Marshall Class 5 and JMP1

The classy class 5

I wanted to test the Marshall Class 5 for quite sometime, finally did it last Wednesday with Zakk. It has four tubes and MIUK. Bentley is selling for less than 2k RM !! another good YES deal. The strength of this amp is the clean tone. Though just 5watt, it can be very loud. The gain from this amp is very mild and definitely not suitable for metal. A very basic amp with only three knobs - volume, treble and bass, also has a headphone output. 

The classic JMP
 The next amp that we tested was the harmless looking 1w JMP. Our first impression by just looking at it was the gain tone from the JMP would be similar like the Class 5. We were wrong. Put the volume at 3 o'clock of full blast and this cute little amp showed that it has serious gain inside. This little thing can Metal !! Awesome gain !! Even at 0.1 watt the tone is still intact only sound  a bit muted, that's very obvious isn't. The gain tone from this amp is far better than the Mesa Mini Rec. Definitely an amp for any bedroom, however, it is 3300RM. We tested both amps with the Ibanez RG2570 and a fender custom shop.

Later, i refered to Marshall's web to get more info on this JMP1, I think we may have on the gain boost switch during the testing, that's why we get the awesome gain from it. When we tested it, we can't get much clean tone from the JMP, we got the crunch tone after 9 o'clock,  perhaps because of the gain boost was on. Great little amp indeed. Marshall Rules !!

My dream amp and cab, though 30% discount, still very very expensive


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