Thursday, November 15, 2012

2012 Year End Sale Target List

No 1. Vox White Coily Cable of Death
No. 2 Roland CM30 .. 1 is enough
No. 3 the 81/60 for the KH2

A very short list for the year end sale. I don't have much extra cash left since I have bought 2 guitars, 1 pedal, a restoration work for the KH2 and 1 leather strap earlier. Furthermore, I have to buy a house/apartment and therefore I need all the cash I have. Looking at the list, maybe I can only afford the white cable, its less than 80RM. For the no 3, I could sell the existing SD 59/59 and add 200-300 RM more for a new EMG 81/60. The no 2 seems a little bit difficult, unless I found some extra cash hiding somewhere.


  1. 1. Part of restoration job for the KH2
    2. It seems that I prefer the EMG than SD at the moment
    3. EMG 85 sounds better with my Zoom G2NU, especially EMG 85 on AC Sim, I hope EMG 60 sounds good too