Sunday, July 22, 2012

ESP KH2 in da house !!!

but its 'on loan' ...

the headstock ... best looking headstock in the world ..
Back of the headstock ...
No EMG 81/81 .. my friend installed SD 59/59 ...
no rosewood fretboard with skull & cross bone inlay too :( .. my friend change it to ebony and dot inlay
the original fretboard
Close up 1

Close up 2
Interior OHSC

Exterior OHSC
the back plate ..

1) Neck wise .. not as smooth as Ibanez Jem 7v and ESP MII ... but this is not a big issue to me.

2) Tone wise .. test it with dusty ross, fender mustang at a music shop .. I like the tone for both clean and overdrive/gain .. neck tone is also creamy for clean as expected from a SD 59.

3) Compared it with my explorer on overdrive .. it seems that the EMG sound louder and a bit fatter .. the SD 59 cleaner/clearer .. but I'm not complaining ... just stating facts ...

I have been wanting this guitar since 1996 .. so its time to check my guitar fund ...


  1. dah tukar pikap dah tukar fretboard... baik dia beli M-II biasa je kan?

  2. Inlay Crossbone tu la trademark kh-II. its like removing Mercedes logo from a mercedes.haha