Friday, July 27, 2012

Beginner's review pt 19: Mono M80 Guitar and Pedal case

Little brother and Big brother

Interior view of the M80 Pedal case .. I think you can put 40 Stompboxes at one time

Interior view for the M80 guitarcase for guitar no 1

for guitar no 2...
Both are not mine but belongs to Riff Guy, I received it on his behalf. I think i would feel safe if I put my guitars or pedals in these cases, but there are pricey though.


  1. mono bags = mahal nak mampos! hahaha

    baik beli hardcase :)

  2. owner nak bawak masuk kapal terbang, carry, so hard case tak leh carry kena check in, tu yg beli softcase, ironiknya .. owner la ni kat sarawak .. hahaha