Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A visit to Nonuz guitar workshop

I accompanied Jules to Nonuz guitar workshop in Cheras few weeks ago. Check out the pics ..

the awesome custom 7 string Java Parker Fly
Exotic wood replacement necks for Fender
More replacement necks for obvious brands ...

more and more replacement necks .... 
Java custom LP ... the heaviest guitar I ever held

another custom guitar with carved body ..
Nonuz and his assistant
If you want to know more about Nonuz and his service/products, look for him in FB, search for nonuz theego javaguitarcustom ....


  1. hehhee.... bro IJAU.... he is a frenly n one heck of a guy... gila la tgok koleksi dia.... i set my eyez on a PAKA LALATZ.. yet to kumpul some DOUGH la...hahahha.....

  2. slalu jugak la tanya2 harga parts gitar dgn nonuz ni kat LYN