Monday, July 30, 2012

A visit to Guitar Workshop Ampang

The axe will undergo a major operation

Robin the guitar tech giving his opinions, insights and confidence on the major operation

 A little bit about Robin (that is his real name), he was the guitar tech for Wings in the 90's. When SEARCH began their reunion concert tour couple of years ago, Robin was entrusted to be the group's guitar tech. He is currently operating his workshop in Taman Cahaya Ampang. For more info, please search GuitarWorkshop Ampang on FB.

Its not Batman and Robin but its Jules and Robin, exchanging opinions on their weapon of choice

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  1. waa..... its me all right with a 1960's STRAT neck under major works...... its a pity to see the condish of his neck ... but I'm sure bro Robin can transform it into it's former BLAZE of GLORY....