Monday, August 26, 2013

Hit the Lights !!

I went into Pen A around 8 something , by that time that area was almost full, about 90%. I managed to squeeze in but only managed to be at the sound engineer area or the 'two towers'. I tried many time to move in further but the people in front of me would not let me get thru. I want to be the rite in front of Jaymz, unfortunately it was not going to happen. Furthermore, I am in foreign land, I dont want to be in any problem with the crowd.

calm before the four horsemen came in ..
I think Metallica started around almost 9pm. When ecstasy was on, I was like .. now is the moment, I am at METALLICA CONCERT !! .. crowd started to sing to the tune of ecstasy of gold .. moments later .. the ferocious drum best .. heavy hi gain .. massive bass started to hit my body ... its HIT THE LIGHTS !! .. ITS METALLICA ON STAGE .. ITS METALLICA !!!!

far away ..

cant get a good pic, far and people around me are jumping

the whole stage was a huge big screen, HD mode .. awesome

Rob ...

Jaymz n Kirk ..
When they were playing Master .. I can see at the video screen, Kirk was sweating a lot .. sweats are dropping from his body .. at least i know, it was not only me that sweating ... hahaha


  1. klu nak kat dpn FTTB biasanya dah berbaris since tengahari lagi...

  2. fttb tu apa bro? hehe .. ada hikmahnya au tak sampai depan kot, ada possibility mungkin aku pitam .. MBM pun kata dia ada ala2 nak pitam kot .. masa balik tunggu bas aku hampir pitam hahaha ..

  3. hahaha. aku harap dapat jadi FTTB tapi flight delay n member2 yang tag along agak slow so aku sampai Anvil dah habes. demm. tp dapat gak selit2 last dah tercongok depan barricade.hehehe

    1. aku patut join ko la bro next metallica konsert kita.. kalau aku pitam, ko pikul aku yer, tapi jgn amik kesempatan keatas diri aku ni hahah