Friday, August 16, 2013

Cab Shootout - Marshall 1936, Mesa 2x12 and Mesa 1x12

Honestly I am not sure to call it a shootout, maybe it is ... maybe its not . What Zakk and I did many months ago were basically testing a few speaker cabinets with a Mesa single rec. The 1st cab was the Marshall1936 equipped with a pair of Celestion G12t75 speakers. The same speakers used by Malmsteen.
Rock Cool Cab
Elegant looking cab
The 2nd was a Mesa Roadster or Rectifier Cab, we were not too sure but it was loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 or also known as V30.

Bulky 1x12
The third speaker was a Mesa 1x12, also with V30.

Our views?

In gain mode, the 1936 produced a more narrow tone as compared to the wider tone by the Mesa 2x12. Another distinct character of the V30 was it is louder than the t75 eventho at the same volume level at the amp.   The 1x12 mesa cab was nice too, but 2x12 was better, it produced more .. headroom?

Which is better?

That depends on one's preferences. As for me, I prefer the Mesa with the V30s.

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