Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcome to the family

Finally, I would say its official now that the above guitar is mine. Robin of GuitarWorkshop Ampang managed to restore the orginal skull and bones fretboard, and he did a great job. The EMG 81/60 will be installed much later, will have to find second hand EMGs. So, one less guitar in my wish list, one down three (or more ) to go! 

Since its black, I will call it Black Rose ...


  1. tahniah bro...... nice guitar.... knapa BLACK ROSE...?? xtakut kena saman ker.... heheh..

    anyway.. i mesti test that KH of yours....

  2. nak saman apa, grup tu pun nan ado hehehe .. now how am i going to hide this guitar from my wife .. hehehe