Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beginner's Review Pt 21: AMT P1

Top View

Bottom View
I received this pedal in July, its from Russia and the AMT P1 was designed to emulate the famous peavey 5150.

I tested it with Migo from Ultimate Music, we used a bugera tube amp, can't remember what's the model. His review was you can get the famous EVH 'Brown Sound or Tone' with this pedal. Almost the same to the peavey 5150, though it does sound edgy and too sharp. He also said that the tone produced from this pedal able to cut through the sound from bass, drums and rhythm guitars.

I gave it to Jules De Verne and he tested it with various amp including a JCM 800. Though Jules too said that it is almost to peavey 5150 but he did not experience any edgy or sharp tone.

My comment and conclusion, tone wise, a case of so close but yet so far ... well ... this pedal not for me. It does sounds nice but this pedal was built for lead guitarist and I am not quiet there yet. I sold it to Jules. Cost price.

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