Monday, October 14, 2013

Could this be the RG for me?

RG 550 in Desert Sun Yellow Re-Issue (Prestige MIJ) ... coming soon to a guitar shop near you
neck type5pc Super Wizard Maple/Walnut neck
bodyBasswood body
fretboardMaple fretboard
fretEdge tremolo bridge
number of fretsJumbo frets
neck puIbanez V1 (H) neck PU
middle puIbanez S1 (S) middle PU
bridge puIbanez V2 (H) bridge PU
hardware colorBlack
Neck Dimensions
a : Width at Nut43mm
b : Width at Last Fret58mm
c: Thickness at 1st17mm
d : Thickness at 12th19mm


  1. amik s series aku la bro. the notes is more subtle and had a singing quality to it because of the short scale 22fret with jumbo fretwire. the notes are less tense because of 22frets length, the body are from mahogany so the rhythm playing is superbly awesome and meaty. the bridge ZR is a stress-free bridge,easy to change the strings.Neck Wizard2 is super fast but still got a lot of wood.

    rm1650, but for u my friend i give u rm1450...whatdayasay eyhh? heh heh

    1. alamak .. wa tak minat S series la bro ... sorry