Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Buy .. Buy .. Buy 2013 pt4

So, I went to TGS Hartamas yesterday to check out on patch cables and headphone. Look what I found ..

Rare white tolex ENGL head and cab (Powerball) .... i think around 16k for both
Bought this AKG headphone to replace my already kaput Behringer
Sommer and Amphenol patch cables for my so called rig
I made a mistake, I should have bring my pedals to get the right length, but the patch cables I bought yesterday should be ok (length wise) but could be better. Thanks to Rony and his assistant (TGS Hartamas) for helping me out yesterday.


  1. gitaris marhaen mcm aku hanya mampu main modelling sahaja~

    1. modelling is the future, u r on the rite track ...

  2. but the real thing is still the real thing.kasi angkat satuu bro.heheh